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Legal Reference Guide for California Dentists - Appendix C  Checklist of Questions to Ask When Forming a Group Practice
Legal Reference Guide for California Dentists - Appendix A  Laws and Regulations Impacting Dentistry in California
Legal Reference Guide for California Dentists - Appendix D  What Every Dentist Should Know Before Signing a Dental Provider Contract
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CDA Practice Support has developed and published two new resources for practice owners who wish to help put their staff on the proper path to become a California-registered dental assistant. Both resources — “Steps to Becoming a California-Registered Dental Assistant” and “Helping Your Out-of-State-Trained Dental Assistant to become a California-Registered Dental Assistant” — are in a one-page format that is easy to follow. Read more >>


Debt collection agencies: Your last resort for patients' past-due accounts

Every practice will come across a debt that needs to be sent to an agency, but such debt should be the exception to the rule. The goal should be to prevent accounts past due, not to collect on them. Start with good policy. A financial policy is pertinent to a practice’s success, and practices should have both internal and external financial policies. Read more >>


New online form available for reporting dental benefits plan issues

CDA Practice Support introduces a new, secure online submission process for dentists to use to report issues with dental benefits plans. By streamlining the intake process, this form will make it easier for practicing dentists to quickly reach out for assistance and submit issues at their own convenience. To receive assistance, simply submit your issue electronically using the new submission form available online within your account. Read more >>


Save some green with eco-friendly supplies

Can your practice do good while also doing well? Yes it can! Let The Dentists Supply Company help you save big on green products from trusted brands. As a CDA member, you can shop online for eco-friendly supplies at negotiated discounts, plus free shipping, every day. Just look for the orange leaf icon next to select TDSC supplies or visit to explore. Read more >>


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Under California law, dental benefit plans can change their agreements, rules and procedures as long as they notify the contracted provider 45 days in advance of the change. Dentists should read all notifications from plans in a timely manner and if action is required on the dentist’s part, the dentists should take action by the plans’ stated deadline to avoid issues and negative consequences. For more information, please refer to the article on page 2 of the February 2018 CDA Update, Dental plan correspondence — it’s not all junk mail.