Keeping politically informed is vital to your professional success. Stay up-to-date about licensing, compliance, mandates, workers’ compensation and other issues, including action at the Dental Board of California.

Regulatory Compliance

Do you need guidance on how to comply with the laws and regulations? Don’t worry. CDA tracks the complex processes leading to new laws and regulations. Resources available on CDA Practice Support can help you meet local, state, and federal regulations that impact the dental profession.

Updates to the Required Poster Set

CDA offers a convenient, easy-to-display poster set that addresses all required regulatory and compliance postings. One set is available free of charge to each CDA member who owns a practice.

New 2019-2020 poster sets are now available, reflecting updated posting requirements. CDA automatically mails one set at no cost to each member who has confirmed practice ownership. Be sure to log in and review your profile under ‘My Account’ to check that it reflects current ownership status, practice details and preferred mailing address.

Once you have confirmed your status as a practice owner, you can expect to receive your 2019–2020 poster set at your preferred mailing address on file within three to six weeks.

If you confirmed practice ownership before April 1, 2019, you can expect to receive your set in late April or early May.

As agencies update posting requirements from time to time, refer to a complete list of Required Postings in a Dental Office and printable poster updates.

Visit for more information on the new sets and answers to frequently asked questions. For additional assistance, email or call 800.232.7645

In the News
Dispensing dentists: Warning notice required on opioid prescription labels

A new state law effective Jan. 1, 2019, requires all dispensers of opioids to prominently display a notice on the prescription label or container of any prescription drug containing an opioid. The notice should be displayed by way of a flag or other notification mechanism attached to the container and must state: “Caution: Opioid. Risk of overdose and addiction.”


CDA’s 2019-20 Required Poster Set mails to practice owners in April

Several state and federal agencies require dental practices to conspicuously display specific health, safety and employee rights information in the office. To help its members keep ahead of these posting requirements, CDA produces an easy-to-display poster set to reflect current regulations and compliance requirements. The 2019-20 Poster Set will be available this month and includes notices from the EDD, the Department of Fair Employment and Housing and others.


'Failure to produce patient records' among most cited violations, says dental board

Maintaining its focus on consumer safety, the Dental Board of California has issued an increasing number of citations in recent years. As noted in its 2018 Sunset Review Report to the California Legislature, citations increased by 36 percent in each of the previous four fiscal years. Two of the five most commonly cited violations according to the report are (1) Failure to produce patient records and (2) Failure to follow infection-control guidelines.


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