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CDA anticipates and responds to the top issues facing the dental profession by taking positions on issues from abuse detection and reporting to healthcare reform, licensing and third party payment.

Dental Benefits - CDA Action

The California dental benefits marketplace is shifting rapidly as a consequence of broad market forces as well as the implications of national health care reform. CDA continually scans the healthcare environment to better understand the issues impacting consumers and our members, to help dentists navigate in a changing environment, and to help sustain the financing and delivery systems in which dentists can most effectively provide quality oral health care to their patients.

Dental Benefits Research Task Force

CDA’s 2011 House of Delegates approved a resolution to embark on a comprehensive dental benefits project. The work of the Dental Benefits Research Task Force informed CDA members and improved their understanding of the dental benefits market on the following topics: cost, scope of coverage, consumer demand and payment policies of dental benefit plans; current market trends; factors that have increased pressure on dentists participating in plan networks; opportunities to enhance dentists’ leverage in contractual arrangements with dental plans; and, assess and ensure that dental plan coverage and payment policies promote necessary care and treatment of patients.  This knowledge further allows CDA to better advocate for policies that will enhance the position of dentists and their patients.

Sponsored Legislation

CDA has a dedicated team of professionals whose purpose is to advocate for the profession. Part of that team’s responsibility is to sponsor legislation at the Capitol that addresses important issues related to dental benefits.

See a list of CDA-sponsored dental benefits legislation.

Health Care Reform Policy

In 2010, Congress passed and President Obama signed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, also known as health care reform or the ACA. The goals of the law include an expansion of health insurance coverage to an estimated 32 million uninsured Americans and efforts to strengthen existing coverage. CDA was pleased to see pediatric dental benefits included as one of the Affordable Care Act’s Essential Health Benefits offered through the California’s Health Benefit Exchange, Covered California. CDA actively participated in ACA implementation discussions with policymakers and key stakeholders as the law was implemented in January 2014 and continues to support access to dental coverage.

Fluoride & Fluoridation

CDA has a long history of supporting community water fluoridation and remains committed to increasing the number of Californians who enjoy the oral health benefits of fluoridation. To find out if a community water supply is fluoridated, call the phone number on the property water bill. Below are some helpful resources on this topic:

Dental Sealants

CDA supports the use of dental sealants for everyone at risk of developing caries, and promotes the ADA’s 2008 sealant guidelines and evidence-based recommendations for the use of pit and fissure sealants.

CDA Sealant Fact Sheets
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CDA Patient Sealant Flyers
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Additional resources:

Amalgam: Public Health & the Environment

Dental amalgam has been the subject of attention by regulators because it contains elemental mercury. The mercury in amalgam, however, is contained within a very stable, durable alloy with other metals, so it is not available for release into the body or the environment in any significant amounts. Current scientific research and major national and international health organizations support the use of dental amalgam as a safe and effective restorative material for dental patients.

For more information about amalgam safety and dental office waste management, check out these website links: