Proposition 56

CDA is excited to report that Proposition 56, co-sponsored by CDA to raise the state’s tobacco tax by $2, passed overwhelmingly in the recent election with 62 percent of the vote.

Winning a ballot measure campaign in California is a massive undertaking, especially with an opposition as powerful and well-funded as the tobacco industry. We are grateful for member support that made participation in this campaign possible, and to those who went the extra step to help us collect qualifying signatures, distribute campaign materials and spread the Yes on 56 message.   

CDA, along with our coalition partners, has taken a significant step to address a critical public health issue and improve oral health in California. Proposition 56 will save thousands of lives, save the health care system billions of dollars, and provide substantial new funding for Medi-Cal provider reimbursements so more patients can get care. Also, the state oral health program overseen by California’s dental director will now receive $30 million per year, a tenfold increase in state funding for a program that has not previously had a dedicated revenue source.

The success of Proposition 56 is another example of what we are capable of accomplishing through our collective efforts and working with our partners in health care.

Further updates on Proposition 56 and our progress on next steps will be provided in the CDA Update, e-newsletter and

In the News
Promising changes for providers: Demystifying the state dental program

Dentists who want to better understand recent changes to the Medi-Cal Dental Program, including the substantial rate increases and a streamlined application process for providers, can attend a course this May at CDA Presents The Art and Science of Dentistry in Anaheim. The course is hosted by CDA Public Affairs and is intended both for current and potential providers.


Prop. 56 dentists loan repayment program opens April 1, awards up to $300K

A new loan repayment program is available for dentists and physicians who provide direct patient care to Medi-Cal beneficiaries. Eligible dentists may apply through Physicians for a Healthy California to receive up to $300,000 to apply toward their student loans in exchange for a five-year service obligation as a Medi-Cal provider.


CDA bill makes silver diamine fluoride a covered Medi-Cal benefit

Silver diamine fluoride would become a covered benefit as a treatment option for tooth decay for specified Medi-Cal Dental Program enrollees under a new bill authored by Sen. Richard Pan. Senate Bill 154 would make SDF a covered benefit if applied as part of a patient’s comprehensive treatment plan and with the patient’s written informed consent.


State program expands provider incentives to new counties

Dentists in 26 counties have a new opportunity to participate in the Dental Transformation Initiative to help improve dental health for low-income children enrolled in the Medi-Cal Program while receiving enhanced reimbursement by meeting specific incentive metrics. As part of California's 1115 waiver, the DTI focuses on high-value care, improved access to dental care, and the use of performance measures to improve the program through four “domains.”