Every year dozens of new bills are discussed in the State Legislature and Congress that can effect oral health, your patients and your practice. It’s important to take the time to learn about the issues CDA is addressing in Sacramento and the federal issues ADA is handling in Washington, D.C. You can also follow links on this page to find your State Senate and Assembly Members, your representatives in the U.S. Congress, and get the latest information about major issues facing the dental profession.

Grassroots Advocacy

Change begins at the local level. You do not need to be an expert in politics to make a difference. Elected officials in Sacramento, Washington, D.C. and locally throughout California want to hear from their constituents, and your stories can make a difference for legislators facing tough decisions on complicated health care issues.

Get Involved
Every cause needs powerful champions to advocate on its behalf. You can help shape the future of dentistry and work toward political change by taking a leadership position. CDA can provide the tools you need to be an effective key contact for your district representatives. Click the links below to learn more about how you can get involved in Grassroots Advocacy with CDA.

Become a Key Contact
Component Legislative Committee Overview
List of Component Legislative Chairs

If you are interested in becoming a Key Contact, please contact Marissa Allen, CDA Public Affairs Specialist at 916.554.7349 or via email at marissa.allen@cda.org.

In the News
Students advocate for dentistry, oral health at the state Capitol

Grassroots Advocacy Days are in full swing as student representatives from California’s six dental schools met with their local legislators and legislative staff to discuss critical issues affecting dentistry. CDA coordinates these small-group advocacy days each year at the state Capitol in Sacramento. The goal is to help members learn about the legislative process and to allow participants to have in-depth, interactive discussions with lawmakers about dentistry and oral health.


Network leasing bill gains traction, adds protection for dentists, patients

AB 954, authored by Assemblymember Jim Wood, DDS, and sponsored by CDA, unanimously passed the Assembly Health Committee April 3 with favorable amendments to further protect dentists and patients when dental provider agreements are leased by third parties. The bill was introduced to make the network leasing process more transparent. Currently, dentists are not always aware that their existing contract with a health care benefit plan will be transferred or sold as part of a leased network.


Bill sponsored by CDA protects dentists during network leasing

Moving through the state Legislature is a CDA-sponsored bill that, if signed into law, will bring more transparency to network leasing by dental benefit plans — a process that often leaves dentists and their patients in the dark. The growing trend of network leasing is causing confusion and difficulties for California dentists and their patients.


CDA bill makes silver diamine fluoride a covered Medi-Cal benefit

Silver diamine fluoride would become a covered benefit as a treatment option for tooth decay for specified Medi-Cal Dental Program enrollees under a new bill authored by Sen. Richard Pan. Senate Bill 154 would make SDF a covered benefit if applied as part of a patient’s comprehensive treatment plan and with the patient’s written informed consent.