CDA has a dedicated team of professionals whose sole purpose is to advocate for the profession and for patients. In recent years, CDA has successfully sponsored two new laws to increase transparency of dental benefit plans and improve dentists’ and patients’ rights in working with these plans – AB 1962 (Skinner) in 2014 and SB 1008 (Skinner) in 2018. CDA also successfully fought to increase Medi-Cal provider rates and restore adult dental benefits to improve access to care for the underserved. CDA was a vital part of two recent ballot measure campaign victories, as well. In 2014, CDA helped lead a coalition against Proposition 46 to preserve California’s MICRA law, which keeps medical liability insurance costs stable and protects access to care for patients. In 2016, CDA helped pass Proposition 56, which raised the state’s tobacco tax for the first time in nearly two decades and is funding historic investments in Medi-Cal provider reimbursement rates and the state’s oral health program.

These are just some examples of how CDA works for you. Here is a current list of issues being addressed in Sacramento.

Dental Benefits - CDA Action and Member Resources

The California dental benefits marketplace is shifting rapidly as a consequence of broad market forces as well as the implications of national health care reform. CDA continually scans the healthcare environment to better understand the issues impacting consumers and our members, to help dentists navigate in a changing environment, and to help sustain the financing and delivery systems in which dentists can most effectively provide quality oral health care to their patients.

Dental Benefits Research Task Force

CDA’s 2011 House of Delegates approved a resolution to embark on a comprehensive dental benefits project. The work of the Dental Benefits Research Task Force informed CDA members and improved their understanding of the dental benefits market on the following topics: cost, scope of coverage, consumer demand and payment policies of dental benefit plans; current market trends; factors that have increased pressure on dentists participating in plan networks; opportunities to enhance dentists’ leverage in contractual arrangements with dental plans; and, assess and ensure that dental plan coverage and payment policies promote necessary care and treatment of patients.  This knowledge further allows CDA to better advocate for policies that will enhance the position of dentists and their patients.

Sponsored Legislation

CDA has a dedicated team of professionals whose purpose is to advocate for the profession. Part of that team’s responsibility is to sponsor legislation at the Capitol that addresses important issues related to dental benefits.

See a list of CDA-sponsored dental benefits legislation.

In the News
Students advocate for dentistry, oral health at the state Capitol

Grassroots Advocacy Days are in full swing as student representatives from California’s six dental schools met with their local legislators and legislative staff to discuss critical issues affecting dentistry. CDA coordinates these small-group advocacy days each year at the state Capitol in Sacramento. The goal is to help members learn about the legislative process and to allow participants to have in-depth, interactive discussions with lawmakers about dentistry and oral health.


Deadline to cash Delta Dental settlement checks approaching

Delta Premier Providers who are class members of the Delta Dental class action lawsuit have until June 14, 2019, to cash their settlement checks. The $65 million settlement is the result of legal action CDA filed against Delta on behalf of members. Most settlement checks sent to approximately 14,000 class members have been cashed, but the class action settlement administrator reports that more than 500 settlement checks have yet to be cashed.


Network leasing bill gains traction, adds protection for dentists, patients

AB 954, authored by Assemblymember Jim Wood, DDS, and sponsored by CDA, unanimously passed the Assembly Health Committee April 3 with favorable amendments to further protect dentists and patients when dental provider agreements are leased by third parties. The bill was introduced to make the network leasing process more transparent. Currently, dentists are not always aware that their existing contract with a health care benefit plan will be transferred or sold as part of a leased network.


Bill sponsored by CDA protects dentists during network leasing

Moving through the state Legislature is a CDA-sponsored bill that, if signed into law, will bring more transparency to network leasing by dental benefit plans — a process that often leaves dentists and their patients in the dark. The growing trend of network leasing is causing confusion and difficulties for California dentists and their patients.


Promising changes for providers: Demystifying the state dental program

Dentists who want to better understand recent changes to the Medi-Cal Dental Program, including the substantial rate increases and a streamlined application process for providers, can attend a course this May at CDA Presents The Art and Science of Dentistry in Anaheim. The course is hosted by CDA Public Affairs and is intended both for current and potential providers.