Market Profile

Membership and the Profession

Reach our membership and more of the profession.CDA is your one source to reach one out of every seven dentists in the nation. What’s more, our 27,000 members represent 72 percent of all dentists practicing in California. Our state is home to six of the nation’s top dental schools, with more than 1,000 new dentists graduating each year and the majority establishing their practices here. So, if you’re looking to maximize your advertising dollar, this is the right place.

Market Profile 

Readership and User Statistics
Dentists rely heavily on traditional sources for information about their profession, placing trust in scientific publications, peer support and professional educational conferences. Adoption of electronic digital media continues to grow, yet has not displaced print materials when sourcing information for clinical interests or learning about new products and services.

  • Majority spend 30 minutes or more reading the Update or the Journal
  • 8 out of 10 dentists source the Journal and the Update, whereas less than 1 in 3 cite publications such as Dentaltown or Dentistry Today
  • Majority read all of the feature articles, technology trends and education resources
  • The Update and the Journal are distributed monthly to all members
  • CDA Presents Course Schedules are distributed to all dentists approximately 5 months prior to each convention

CDA Journal

  • Dentists selected the Journal as the professional publication they consider most relevant for clinical guidance in their practice
  • More than half save copies of the Journal for future reference. This extends the value of your advertising dollars indefinitely.
  • Over 1/3 pass the Journal along to colleagues or share in a public space
  • Over 83% regularly read the Journal

CDA Update

  • Members report the Update as their leading source for the latest news affecting the dental profession
  • 80% regularly read the Update, an increase of 10% in the last 5 years – one of the few publications experiencing growth in readership

Digital & Online
Dentists, like the rest of the population, are multi-channel users – accessing information in a variety of formats. CDA recently developed a mobile app featuring our convention, CDA Presents. What’s more, since more than 80% of dentists have a smart phone or tablet, we’ve designed to be responsive and mobile friendly. Just one reason it’s one of the most significant online resources for the dental community.

  • 2/3 of members who downloaded the CDA app featuring CDA Presents found it very or extremely helpful
  • Many dentists found it very useful for exhibitor scheduling, alerts and course locations
  • On average, experiences 150,000 monthly page views and users visit 3+ pages each time

CDA Presents The Art and Science of Dentistry, Dental Convention

As one of the largest dental conventions in the nation, member and non-member dentists, the dental team, staff and faculty attend CDA Presents for three key reasons: to learn about and purchase new products and services, the latest advances in clinical care and to network with peers.

Buying Behavior

  • 84% visit the exhibit floor with specific product purchases in mind
  • 94% spend time on the exhibit floor, with 44% spending 3 or more hours


  • 69% have attended more than 5 conventions
  • 45% have attended more than 10 times
  • 20% regularly attend both Anaheim and San Francisco
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