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Discover thousands of ways to align your brand with CDA.

The California Dental Association is loved by its members who, by the way, are 27,000 of the most well-educated, affluent and highly respected dentists in the profession. To put that into context, our members comprise 15 percent of the American Dental Association. That’s right — one in every seven dentists in the nation is a CDA member. So, if you’re looking to increase your reach, CDA is where you’ll find the best and brightest in dentistry. And, we offer a multitude of ways to align your brand with ours.

Meetings & Sponsorships Whether it’s CDA Presents or smaller meetings such as the New Dentist Career Launch, CDA provides numerous venues for your company to shine.
Publications Reach your audience with CDA’s award-winning publications, the CDA Journal, CDA Update and CDA Presents On-Site Guide and Course Schedule.
Social Responsibility CDA Cares free dental clinics have returned smiles to 10,000 Californians in need as well as provided a win-win for businesses looking to align their brand with a deserving cause.
Digital Advertising With hyperlinks, embedded video, e-publications, app ads and website advertising, CDA offers an unlimited array of options to reach dentists.
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Director, Exhibits, Ads & Sponsorship
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