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Eddie is a great fit for what we are trying to build here

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Scale Inhibitor

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Eddie Van Halen's Guitars and Gear

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Jack Wilshere backs Eddie Howe as better fit for Newcastle than former Arsenal boss Unai Emery and says Eden Hazard would 'love' playing for him

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Fit eddy the Scale Inhibitor


Eddy and the fit : eddyburback

The top portion of the guitar served as a 6-string bass, and the bottom was a regular guitar.

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  • Eddie supposedly used this configuration on the first album, then removed the dummy box on the second, and came back to it on the third and the rest that followed.

Eddie by Giddy

Anonymous Yes - very good discussion of how fashion trumps realities with many users.

  • This allowed him to essentially save the tubes, and play at clubs at half the volume.

  • The old bikes had better range of positions between drops, hoods and with hands on the tops you sat up higher - bravo retro! Designed to fit over midweight layers.

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